Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer – 2020-09-24

Location: El Bajo

Weather: The weather today started with a SW 20 kn wind. The sea state was approx 1-1.5m waves.

Yesterday afternoon we did the two last dives at Fang-Ming and it was very good. Besides the wreck it self, which the guests thought was a very nice dive site, they also saw plenty of Octopus during the dives. Today we have done 2 dives at El Bajo which has been amazing. The first dive was kind of rough for some of the guests and only a few of the guests had a glimpse of the hammerhead sharks. Dive 2 was much better. The wind dropped to 6-7 westerly wind with 0.5 m waves. Visibility in the water around 20-30meters, temperature 27 degrees Celsius. All guest saw the hammerheads. It was between 10-20 sharks swimming around and all guests came back very happy. All guests & crew are doing great!

  • Captain Daniel

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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