Captain’s Noon Report- Under Sea – 2020-11-14

Location: Roca Partida

Conditions: Air 28 C, North wind at 8-12 kts, open sky with some cumulus clouds.

Yesterday we dove the last two dives at The Boiler with a light north current. Water temperature was 28 C and visibility at 15-20 meters. Lots of mantas- one group had a manta for 20 min just for themselves. All the groups had great interactions with the mantas as 4 chevron and two black mantas were there. Today we arrived at Roca Partida around 6:30 am to a beautiful sunrise. We had a strong southwest current on the first dive, visibility around 60-70 ft, 26 C temperature on the surface and cooler water below 70 ft. We saw a big school of juvenile yellow fin tuna, big school of skip jacks, lots of silky sharks, white tips, silver tips, and Galapagos sharks. Second dive was difficult to improve upon with tunas and skipjacks everywhere, but lots of false killer whales. All the divers could see the false killer whales, which were hunting and working up the silky sharks into a frenzy with them.

-Captain Gilberto

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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