Captain’s Noon Report – Undersea – 2020-11-24

Location: The Boiler ; Lat N 19°19.59´, Long W 110°48.74´

Status: 100 ft deep, 0.2 nm from the rocks, winds NNW 4-8 kts, seas, NNW 2-4 ft, swell NW 4-6, sunny day.

Yesterday we left Roca Partida after two more amazing dives, visibility around 70-80 ft, medium current to the S, temperature around 28° C. Two chevron mantas close to the rock, galapagos, white tips, silver tip sharks, and a big school of skipjacks. Last dive with the same two chevron mantas, lots and lots of yellow fin tunas (huge tunas) and one hammerhead.

Today we are in the Boiler, first dive visibility around 70 ft, temperature 28°C, no current. Our guests saw 2 or 3 chevron mantas and one black manta, a few galapagos, and one hammerhead. Second dive visibility 60 ft, temp 82-84°F, no current. 3 chevron mantas, 2 hammerheads, lots of rife fish and big school of jacks.

  • Captain Gilberto

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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