Captain’s Noon Report – Belle Amie – 2021-01-10

Location: 18-46.59N 110-54.57W Anchored at Cabo Pearce

Status: Winds NNE @ 15-20knts, Seas 3-4′ plus wind chop, skies mostly clear.

We completed two more dives yesterday at Canyon with underwater conditions around 80F with vis around 50 ft. Divers saw repeated sights of groups of hammerheads, with one group on dive 3 surrounded by a group of 12 sharks for about 20 minutes. Sharks kept circling, passing within 6′ and coming around for more. It was amazing. Multiple groups had passing sightings of one manta in the afternoon. Everybody enjoyed the first day.

We relocated in the evening to Cabo Pearce and anchored last night. Dives here this morning have been incredible, with friendly manta sightings on both dives. The real bonus this morning has been a full-grown and very pregnant female whaleshark on dive one. Seen by almost every diver. And then on dive two a group of around 6 dolphins visited each dive group. Hemmerheads, silvertips and whitetip reef sharks were also present, but with all the dolphin and manta activity almost nobody looked for them! Such a great second day so far.

  • Captain Shep

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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