Captain’s Noon Report – Belle Amie – 2021-01-11

Location: 18-59.47N 112-04.75W Anchored at Roca Partida

Weather: Seas NW 6-8′, Winds NE @ 5-10, Skies 20%

We completed onemore dive yesterday afternoon at Cabo Pearce. Lots of manta sightings. All groups had close encounters with 5 or 6 individuals who were in the area of the dive the whole hour. A great day of diving. Following that afternoon dive we continued west to Punta Tosca where we set up for the silky snorkel just before dinner. Around half of our guests got in the water for the event and there were close encounters with 6-8 sharks. Everybody enjoyed the experience.

We arrived at Roca Partida this morning, and what a day it has been! The same juvenile whaleshark that has been reported here for the past two days is still around, making multiple passes by almost every diver on both of our two dives so far. Plus the usual clouds of jacks, tuna and creole fish. Giant yellow-fins torpedoing through the mix from time to time. Our manta group on dive number two dropped right on top of a large school of hammerheads, with estimates of more than 50 sharks. Roca Partida continues to amaze.

  • Captain Shep

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