Captain’s Noon Report – Under Sea – 2021-02-10

Location: 19°17.69’N 110°48.66’W

There is barely a breathe of wind and the sea is like a lake, we have light cloud cover with the sun breaking through above. Today we have done 2 dives at San Benedicto the first dive was at Fondeadero from the stern of the vessel for the check out dive. The visibility was 60-80ft, water temperature 23-24°C, mild current east to west. The dive was quiet but the divers saw one Galapagos shark and some lobsters. However at the end of the dive as the divers drifted a bit off the reef with the current during their safety stop. They saw a HUMPBACK Mother and Calf passing right up and next to them. Not bad on the check dive. Dive 2 was at the Canyon, there was no current, temperature was 23-24°C and visibility was 80ft. This dive was solid the whole way through a school of 20+ Hammerheads for one group at the start, lots of Galapagos and Silver tip and White tip reef sharks at the cleaning station and 3 mantas also a Black and two Chevrons. Guests are really nice and very much enjoying the dives so far. A very nice vibe on board this trip.

  • Captain Ramon

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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