Captain’s Noon Report – Belle Amie – 2021-04-06

Location: Cabo Pearce

Good afternoon everyone!! NBA at anchor in Cabo Pearce in 100 ft. of water and 3.5 shots paid out. The weather today is very nice, with calm seas and a light breeze from N but is starting to pick up. Many times people have asked me what is the best day that I have spent at sea during 21 years of my life on board and usually, my answer is: every day is a good one if at the end of the day the crew and the ship are safe but today I’m going to make an exception, I’m sure this has been a very good day to me, dives have been good, all of the groups have seen mantas, both kind, sharks, lots of fish. Cabo Pearce is doing great but what makes it unforgettable to me is because I was one going to drop off a group of divers into the water and they said: “Captain, please call the whales, we want to see them”. So I pretend to launch magic powders into the water and I said: “there you are, you will see whales!” And at the end of their dive, they came out of the water cheering, screaming of happiness! They DID see two humpback whales under the water, 12 meters away from them! They said we made it!!! Magic did work!!. you can’t imagine these people’s faces after this life experience, it is unique!! Hopefully, the dives get much better but I doubt is hard to beat seeing 2 whales at the same time. Dive conditions were good, Viz around 30 meters, water temperature 23 Celsius degrees and almost no current. We will do another dive and then move for navy inspection. After that, we will go to Pta Tosca for silky night and once we finish will head to Roca Partida.

  • Captain Ramon

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