Captain’s Noon Report – Gallant Lady – 2021-05-28

Location: anchored at Los Frailles

Right now we are getting a dive in before dinner time. Last night we ran 100nm from Cerralvo channel down to Gordo banks to get a morning dive in there today before spending the rest of today searching the east cape area for Orca/mobula activity. The dive at Gordo bank turned out to be great, but all the action is up near the surface above a thermocline around 30feet. As the divers ascended and got into/just above the thermocline, there were big schools of fish everywhere, several hammerheads, and the icing a big whale-shark that spent 5-10 minutes circling the divers. So, after that dive we decided to stay at Gordo banks and do some snorkeling around the pinnacle. The whaleshark had left but still lots of action including hammerheads and a big school of bonitos that were around for awhile. They spent around 1hour in the water snorkeling in that area before we departed. After we left Gordo banks we searched east cape area, there are scattered mobulas around breaching. Tomorrow we have 2 dives for each guest scheduled inside Cabo Pulmo. All guests and crew are doing great!

  • Captain Gordon

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