Captain’s Noon Report – Gallant Lady – 2021-06-01

Location: Anchored at Punta Perico, Bahia de los Muertos

Weather: Light wind. 2ft swell from SE. Partly cloudy

We got away from Cabo around 2130 last night and had a smooth run north, arriving here as the sun was coming up. Here in the bay early this morning, there were lots of mobulas everywhere. I would say in the thousands spread out through the bay. Some smaller groups congregate. As it was early and the first day, we cruised around a bit first to see what else might be around. At 10am after safety briefings were done, we got everyone in the rhib to go out and see if we could get into the water with some mobulas and get everyone wet. They did see some scattered mobula rays but no schools aggregating. After a couple hours of that we decided we’d go for a dive then head north so we could be around Punta Coyote where the mobulas have been aggregating in the late afternoons recently. Airplane support exploration will take place tomorrow.

  • Captain Gordon

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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