Captain’s Noon Report – Gallant Lady – 2021-06-03

Location: Anchored at El Saltito

Weather: Light Wind. Calm Seas 

We’re on the west side of Cerralvo channel after a fruitful day of animal searching. We’ve just finished taco night and everyone is knackered from a long day of exciting animal encounters. We started the day at 0630 with all guests going out in the rhib in search of schooling mobulas and it only took about half an hour before they came across a school numbering in the hundreds. Everyone spent some quality time with them over the span of a couple of hours before coming back for a hot breakfast on the Gallant Lady while we cruised across the San Lorenzo channel and into the Bay of La Paz where we were scheduled to rendezvous with our airplane support. 

At 1130 all guests were back in the rhib just as Siddartha went up in the airplane and came within radio range. Immediately he said, “why don’t we start off with a megapod of dolphins and some whales?”. The rhib headed out in the indicated direction and within 15 minutes they were in the middle of a pod of thousands of dolphins feeding on a bait ball of sardines. There was a humpback whale nearby as well. Much later a big whale shark was sighted by the airplane and the Gallant Lady managed to get to it but by the time the rhib arrived it had disappeared. 

Late this afternoon the rhib went back out but only with a couple guests, everyone else was tired and done for the day. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset while we munched on tacos and small schools of mobulas surrounded the boat. 

  • Captain Gordon

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