Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer

Location: Anchored at Roca Partida

Weather: Clear Sky, N Wind (5-7kts) and Swell (3-5ft)

Yesterday our last dives at Punta Tosca were pretty nice. There were around three manta rays swimming with us as well as some silky sharks, Galapagos sharks and a school of hammerhead sharks.

Water Temperature: 23°C

Visibility: 70ft

Today we arrived at Roca Partida. In the morning our first dive was amazing – we started the day with a whale shark! There were some Galapagos sharks and huge tunas around us but the highlight was definitely the giant whale shark. Some of our guests were saying, “this was the first whale shark I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Water Temperature: 24°C

Visibility: 60ft

So if you think that the first dive was amazing, let me tell you about the second one. Do you know what is better than seeing one whale shark? Seeing two whale sharks! They multiplied during our surface interval and we had two swimming around with us for the entire dive. 

Water Temperature: 23°C

Visibility: 60ft

  • Captain Ramon

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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