Captain’s Noon Report – Gallant Lady – 2021-06-18

Location: Anchored at Cabo Los Frailles

Weather: Clear Sky, SW Wind (5kts) and Smooth Sea (1ft)

We started the day in the RHIB at 07:30am and within 10 minutes there was a big school of mobula rays at Punta Arena de la Ventana. The school numbered in the hundreds and the guests spent about two hours in the water with them.

After breakfast we were out in search of more mobula rays but especially Orcas we don’t have much time left on this expedition. We were searching the south end of Cerralvo and La Ventana and whilst we were out, we got word that there were orcas off Punta Arena near Cabo Pulmo so, we decided to go check it out. The RHIB ran the entire 40nm a little more coastal while the Gallant Lady ran further offshore.

On arrival to the area, we all searched until dark and found a couple big pods of dolphins but unfortunately no orcas. Just wrapped up our second taco night of the trip which was just as good as the first. Tomorrow we have two dives scheduled at Pulmo then we’ll head back out for the afternoon looking for orcas one last time. 

  • Captain Gordon

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