Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2021-06-22

Location: Bay of La Paz

Weather: S Wind (5kts) and Swell (1ft) 

Today we are searching in the Bay of La Paz with the help of our pilot and accompanied by the Westerly. We anchored overnight at El Saltito in the Cerralvo Channel and enjoyed a quiet night there. We picked up the anchor at 07:00am and slowly cruised up the west side of Cerralvo Channel, through San Lorenzo and into the Bay of La Paz to meet the plane and the Westerly. 

Right now we are on the move as our pilot has spotted a pod of false killer whales and we’re about 20 minutes behind their position. We’ve just passed a mega pod of common dolphins on the way. Lots of excitement already! Tomorrow we will do another search day with our pilot. I have heard already that the orca pod has been seen off of Cabo San Lucas this morning, which we were kind of expecting. Their route was pretty much like clockwork from La Ventana. Once they started heading south from La Ventana, the following day they were seen at Cabo Pulmo, and then the day after at Cabo (today). That’s about 45 nautical miles per 12 hours of travel. Recent patterns would indicate that now, after a day or two in Cabo, they will disappear for several days, going offshore we can only assume, then reappear somewhere in the La Paz/Cerralvo area. So, it will be interesting to see where they appear next. 

  • Captain Gordon

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