Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2021-06-23

Location: Northern Cerralvo Channel

Weather: Clear Sky, WNW Wind (5kts) and Swell (1ft)

We are currently in the Northern Cerralvo Channel searching for the mighty orca! Yesterday afternoon we had an epic time with a big pod of false killer whales or as Sten likes to call them ‘pseudo orcas’. There were 50-60 in the Bay of La Paz split up into at least two pods and we spent pretty much all day following them. Occasionally getting in the water with them, having some decent in-water encounters. Then in the last two hours they really showed an interest in the snorkelers and were coming right up to them in the water. The guests were thrilled with the encounter. The guests were out in the RHIB from about 10:45am up until 19:00pm and had a great day. 

We anchored for the night on the west side of the Bay of La Paz near San Juan de la Costa, expecting to search the Bay of La Paz again today. However, a message this morning from our airplane pilot saying that real orcas were spotted east of Espiritu Santo late afternoon yesterday which sent us east across the bay and through the San Lorenzo Channel. We’ve been here for about two hours now searching south of Espiritu Santo. Our pilot is now in the air and we are slowly making our way up north as we search the coastline. We haven’t seen any schools of mobula rays over the last couple of days.

  • Captain Gordon

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