Captain’s Noon Report – Belle Amie – 2021-08-09

Location: Anchored at Guadalupe Island

Weather: Calm Sea, Light SE Wind (0-2kts) and Overcast

The rest of our day yesterday was fantastic; with sharks constantly surrounding the boat. All the cages got very good looks at them and our guests had a perfect first day. Pascal gave our Shark 101 presentation and all guests were in attendance and very interested. Taco night was a hit, of course. Today started out overcast and for the first few hours there was absolutely no current and tons of mackerel. That combination led to slightly poorer visibility (around 60ft) than we had yesterday. But we were still getting pretty constant action at the bait platforms and submersible cages were getting close passes. By about 10:00am, the current had started to pick up from the south and was clearing out the cloud of mackerel so visibility improved significantly. Since noon we have had at least five sharks making almost constant approaches to the bait. Skies have cleared up and it is a perfect day. 

Visibility: 80-130ft

Water Temperature: 71°F

  • Captain Shep

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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