Captain’s Noon Reports – Belle Amie – 2021-08-15

Location: Guadalupe Island

Weather: Clear Sky, SE Wind (8-10kts) and SE Swell (2-3ft)

Yesterday afternoon there was constant shark activity. The current picked up from the south around 2:00pm and cleared up some of the cloudiness in the water and divers were able to get fantastic shows. Most activity was on the surface and many divers chose to keep their cages on the surface for better viewing. But overall it was a fantastic day. Shark ID in the evening was well attended. 

This morning we woke up to a slightly bigger swell than we have had the past two days but that didn’t slow anybody down at all. We have had shark activity from the very beginning. Constant attacks on the bait and close circling of the submersible cages. More than once on my cage dives I had three to four sharks in view at the same time. And not once was there a moment with no shark in view. It is hard to get an accurate count of individuals when it is so busy, but I counted at least eight unique sharks during one dive. If I had to guess the total number seen so far today I put the number at 12 or higher. Best day yet! 

  • Captain Shep

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