Captain’s Noon Reports – Belle Amie – 2021-10-03

Location: Isla Guadalupe

Weather: Overcast, Light Wind (4kts), and Calm Seas

We continued to have fantastic shark activity all afternoon yesterday, with all cages getting close passes and multiple attacks on the bait. Everybody got as much shark action as they wanted. The guests were actually pretty subdued in the afternoon, with at least half of them prefer not to take their scheduled cage dives. Instead, they enjoyed the show from the surface cages, the deck, or just lounged on the sundeck. Taco night was a hit as always.

In comparison, the activity started a bit later today than yesterday, with no sharks sighted until about 0800. But since then the shark action has been non-stop. At one point on my last cage dive, I had five in sight at once. We estimated that there have been nine individuals spotted so far today, with great views up top and down below. Today we started to see mature females, at least two so far. Everybody is thrilled and the crew is doing a great job delivering for our guests.

Water temperature: 71°F

  • Captain Jon Shephard

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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