Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady- 2021-10-04

Location: La Reina

Weather: Gentle Wind (10-14kts) and N Swell (2ft)

We had three good dives at Las Loberas de San Francisco yesterday and although we were planning to head to the Loreto area for today, a problem with our RHIB forced us to come back to the La Paz area so we could send it ashore for repairs and get a couple of inflatables to finish the trip.

We will still be able to complete our planned itinerary with each destination pushed one day later. Our last day will be at Espiritu Santo instead of La Reina, where we are today.

Diving at La Reina today is excellent with great visibility, warm water, and lots of fish. The current has been strong but is starting to come down a bit. The highlight topside, besides Ponchos food, has been thousands of cloudless sulfur butterflies fluttering by the boat for the last few hours on migration to somewhere. The catalyst for this mass caterpillar metamorphosis is heavy rain, which Baja experienced on our day of departure from a low-pressure system that was centered over Socorro. Heading for Loreto tonight right after dive 4. Guests and crew are ok.

  • Captain Gordon

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