Captain’s Noon Reports – Undersea – 2023-03-28

18.59.532N – 112.04.900W, diving Roca Partida, anchor in 250Ft, is a beautiful day out., blue and white skies, lots of sunlight for the dives, we dropped anchor around 05:30 this morning at first boat was rocking and rolling some as nature elements were not talking to each other but after about one hour things align up for us and now the boat is facing wind and waves and feeling pretty stable, current is not doing much to the undersea.. air temperature is 73F, water today is just about the same and if you go little deeper DMs say is colder down there, current is running to the east and if the diver are in the east side then is hard for them to make to the west because of the current, north side corner is loaded with white tip sharks, Galapagos, silver tips, some silkies, the yellow fin tunas are in the area and are after the cotton mouth jacks and the horse eyed jack to, Dm Keoni says he is never seen so many cotton mouth together, Roca Partida is alive the marine life is blooming and divers keep seeing lots of white tip sharks pregnant and looking like they are about to give birth.. they also had a couple mantas Some of the guests love DM Daniela cause besides the big stuff she points out the small critters so they loved the lobster and octopus Daniela found for them…
Visibility today depends on which side of the rock you are and how deep but it averages 75Ft
yesterday we did two dives at punta tosca in the aftenoon hours and guests loved it they had the best manta interaction of the week as a frindly manta stayed with them for the whole dive beside they had a huge tiger shark cruising just above their heads..

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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