Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2023-04-06

N24.25.30 W110.21.96
NGL is on the west side of Espiritu Santo. Guests are taking a short break before jumping back on the Rhib for more searches. This morning only 4 of them boarded the Rhib early to search for mobulas. They were easy to approach in the water and the family of 4 got a nice encounter.

All the guests boarded the Rhib this time for a nice whale-watching experience. A pod of 200 common dolphins was then spotted by the airplane, but they were heading north and out of reach for the Rhib in the foaming seas. We will now head south towards Punta Coyote and Punta Las Cruces to see if we are lucky in the Cerralvo channel. Yesterday afternoon our family of 4 went out on the Rhib to explore further along the west side of ES. They encountered a big pod of bottlenose dolphins that were playing and jumping. Sonia went in the water but the visibility was below 5ft, so they could be better enjoyed out of the water.
In the evening we anchored at Cardonal and turned on the underwater lights to see if mobulas would show up but without success.

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