Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2023-04-10

NGL N 24.16.62 W 110.30.25

NGL is exploring the Bay of la Paz and all of it is a surprise! Humpback and fin whales are popping up like easter eggs, making for a great whale-watching time from the Rhib and the NGL.

But the real treat is the pod of 15-20 false killer whales that we encountered at sunrise next to our anchorage and have been following for several hours from a distance and closer for snorkeling. The first time the Rhib approached them in the sunrise, the killer whales swam up to the Rhib very curiously, blowing bubbles under the boat. As the guests were sliding, the pseud orcas just remained calm and curious for some nice human-watching time! Guest Kelly tells me she was just a few feet away from Mom and her calf looking at her.

Later this morning, I encountered about 10 sperm whales breathing at the surface. As they saw the NGL approaching, they slowly dove down and never reappeared. We also encountered a big pod of bottlenose dolphins that were displaying their talents to the full: spy hopping, double front flip
s and tail slapping! Afterward, we saw the false killer whales start to hunt dorados and chubb, they were so loud with their echolocation that I could hear them from the crow nest as they were passing below the boat.

Guests are now having lunch onboard while we follow the pseud orcas from a distance. Yesterday afternoon we ended the day with a beautiful swim with hundreds of mobula at El Saltito. 3 humpbacks passed by closely making for great whale watching in the sunset. At night we set up the underwater lights to attract plankton and see what would show up. Around 10 pm, as I was doing my watch walk, I saw a huge school of mobulas feeding right below the lights but by then, the guests were already all asleep after a day full of amazing emotions! We will try again tonight.

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