Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2023-04-11

NGL is in the San Lorenzo channel. This morning was much quieter than yesterday.

We woke up with a light breeze from WSW and decided to go around the east side of Espiritu Santo for an early search. We explored along the shore and offshore but did not encounter much – just 1 fin whale that did not stay long enough for the guests to see it. The plane search found 2 humpback whales north of Los Islotes but too far for us to reach them.

Around noon as the wind calmed down, we were going through the San Lorenzo channel when the Rhib found a pod of bottlenose dolphins curious enough to allow our guests to snorkel with them a couple of jumps. Minutes later the NGL found a big pod of 200 hundred common dolphins Delphinus Delphis that were feeding on a bait ball of small fish. We followed that pod for a while but these dolphins were too shy with the snorkelers to be seen underwater unless there was very good visibility – which was only around 2 meters in the channel. We are now cruising alongside Punta Coyote to try to end the day with mobulas.

Yesterday afternoon we kept following our pod of pseud orcas, we literally shared a whole day of sunlight with them, which allowed the guests to see them in different behaviors: curious and slow in the morning but more active during the day, socializing between themselves and even catching fish! Guest Alice even took a video of a pseud orca hunting a dorado! Later in the day, as the false killer whales became more inclined to interact again, she almost got kissed by one! All the guests had close interactions. Meanwhile, the NGL with 3 guests who wanted to relax (Cody, Rachel, Doc), followed a humpback whale that breached for 30 min nonstop, a young animal that was probably trying to attract fellow whales.

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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