Captain’s Noon Reports – Undersea – 2023-04-20

19 19.4N-110 48.4W in the Boiler. San Benedicto Island, at a depth of 110 ft and with a pleasant breeze of 5 knots Northwest wind and 3 ft waves from the same direction, the sky is partly cloudy. Air temperature 76F and water temperature 75 F, visibility of 60 ft with a light current.

The first warm-up dive in the anchorage was satisfactory with the skill of the divers on display. We saw 2 Chevron Mantas and a school of 15 Hammerheads. The second Dive was done in the Boiler with the same conditions but here we came face-to-face with more than 10 Mantas – 4 Black Mantas and 6 Chevron Mantas. One of our diving groups saw a school of more than 20 Hammerhead Sharks near the Boiler and many yellowfin tunas swimming around del Bolier.

All the guests were very excited by the interaction with these very friendly mantas. Now after lunch, we will have more action with the afternoon dives.

By Noon Reports

Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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