Captain’s Noon Reports – Belle Amie – 2023-04-23

19-19.5N 110-48.9W

Anchored Isla San Benedicto at Boiler
Winds NW 5-8knt, Seas NW 4′, skies 20% cumulus, air temp 76F, water temp 75F, no current, visibility 80′

We had two very good dives at Roca yesterday afternoon. The usual critters were in place, white tips and silver tips, jacks, and lobster, but stealing the show was a juvenile whale shark that came around for two or three passes. I think everybody got a good look at it. Needless to say, everybody was thrilled with the dives.

We got underway at the start of dinner and cruised through the night to reach the Boiler, where we have made two dives so far today. And the dives have possibly been the best of the trip so far.

Dive one had our divers jump right into some serious dolphin interactions, with one dolphin coming up to at least 10 divers and nudging their fins gently before moving on to the next in line. While this was going on at least 9 mantas were circling the divers giving very close encounters.

Dive two didn’t have the dolphins, but the manta interactions were even better, with possibly as many as 15 at the site. The dive groups were spread out so that we couldn’t see each other, but every group reported seeing 6-9 mantas nonstop. And then just because this place is awesome, a full-sized whale shark cruised by one of the groups, with mantas cruising alongside. Incredible.

We will have two more great dives here this afternoon and then have dinner at anchor before getting underway tonight back to Cabo.

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