Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2023-04-23

NGl N24.11.084 W109.57.403

Clear sky, wind SSE 7-8knts, swell SSE 1-2ft in Cerralvo channel. air temp 30C, water temp 21C, visibility 4-8mts

Hello everybody,

NGL is cruising in the channel of Cerralvo. This morning guests woke up for a safety briefing about snorkeling/diving operations. We boarded the RHIB just 100 meters from a young humpback whale to the amazement of the guests. But that whale disappeared rapidly as other pangas approached.

We then headed towards the southern tip of Cerralvo where we found a pod of about 50 bottlenose dolphins. Guest Lauren was able to see them riding the bow and jumping in our wake. By the time the Rhib got on site, we got a call from the airplane that sperm whales were in the channel!

We steamed 10nm north to find about 10 sperm whales. Guest Lauren joined the RHIB, along with breakfasts for everyone, and off they went for a very interesting sperm whale watching. It was the first time for most of them to see sperm whales, a great show of flukes and sideways blows and grey wrinkled bodies. The sperm whales were scattered in a big area, and little by little they became more skittish and shy with approaching boats, so we decided to stop whale watching for a moment. We are now heading north, still seeing an occasional sperm whale popping to the surface, and we are on the lookout for more sea creatures.

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