Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2023-04-25

NGl N24.23.159 W110.0.595 clear sky, wind SSE 8knts, air temp: 28c, water temp 22C, visibility 3-4meters

Hello everybody

NGL is at the northern end of Cerralvo Island, the guests are diving and snorkeling at la Reyna. Yesterday afternoon we ended the day by El Saltito, hoping for mobulas but we did not find any. Instead, we found a pod of about 30 bottlenose dolphins. They were not very curious in the water but they displayed a lot of acrobatic skills around the RHIB to the excitement of the guests.

As the Rhib was coming back to the NGL, we spotted a mummy and baby humpbacks in the bay of El Saltito. They offered a great whale-watching experience by sunset for the guests. We put the lights up in El Saltito for mobulas by night but only attracted jacks and cornet fish.

This morning we offered a sunrise walk on the beach of El Saltito at 0615. Guests James and Lauren went but they regretted not taking their shoes as the sand was not as thin as they expected. We then headed north along the coast in search of animals. We encountered a blue whale! We did whale watching with that blue whale for about 1h 30 mins.

Then it was breakfast time so we stopped the NGL and the RHIB approached to pick up the takeaway breakfast. As everyone was on the back deck, the whale appeared at the surface just 50 meters behind the NGL, heading straight toward us. It breathed 3 times, then slowly dive down about 20 meters from the boat, displaying a huge fluke that seemed as wide as the dive platform. Later we will head towards Espiritu Santo to see if the mobulas can be found on the east side.

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