Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2023-04-26

NGL N24.20.730 W 110.19.376

Clear sky, light breeze SW, calm seas. air temp 32C, water temp 22C visibility 5-6mts

Hello everybody

NGL is off Tecolote beach. This morning the coromuel was still blowing strong at 0700. Just a few guests boarded the RHIB to search the eastern side of Espiritu Santo Island. A few bottlenose dolphins appeared around the NGL but were too busy hunting to be hooked on the wake riding.
During breakfast, DM Manuelle and Rouslam went off on the RHIB to find animals to swim with. They encountered 2 schools of mobulas in the shallow waters of Playa la Bonanza right by the reef. The guests jumped in their wetsuits and off they went for a great mobula snorkel, coupled with an exploration of the reef. Guest Hollie saw a guitarfish! They were with the mobulas for more than 2 hours, alternating snorkeling and photo sessions from the RHIB as they were jumping like popcorn.

Yesterday afternoon they had a great dive and snorkel at al Reyna. Guests Steve and Lauren had a very playful sea lion playing hide and seek and the snorkelers had close encounters with sea lions too. Lots of reef fish and beautiful corals. 10 meters visibility. Then we headed to the east side of Espiritu Santo where our plane reported schools of mobulas. We ended the day snorkeling with a massive school of mobulas, static and very close to the surface.

At anchorage, the coromuel started blowing around 2300, 20 knots constant with stronger gusts. The anchor only held until 04:00AM, so we picked up and ended the night going up and down the protected side of Espiritu Santo, keeping the ride as smooth as possible.
KVH, genset and main engines working fine.

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