Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2023-04-30

NGL 23.44.1N 109.39.9W

Hello everybody

Clear blue sky, and SSW 5-7 knot, swell SSW1-2, air temp 32C, water temp 22C, visibility 5 mts
NGL sailing 6nm south of Punta Pescadero, almost in front of la Ribera.

This morning we started the trip with a pod of 100 bottlenose dolphins playing with the NGL in the sunrise. The guests just woke up, having their coffee and already the dolphins were displaying great acrobatic skills! Guest Christian got an amazing picture of the flying dolphin in the sunrise that he quickly posted on Instagram!

After the briefing and getting set up for the snorkeling, we headed towards another pod of about 200 bottlenose dolphins, 2nm south of island Cerralvo. They were jumping, eye-hopping, and chilling with family. Hostess Silvia was cheering them loudly at the bow of the boat and 1 of the dolphins came very close and got half of its body vertically out of the water to cheer her back. She definitely has a talent with dolphins.

As we were enjoying the dolphins, I heard a report on the radio that orcas were seen just 20nm from our position. We got the guests quickly back on the NGL and steamed there. We arrived about 45min later and all our guests have been able to see the orcas up close from the RHIB, and in the water on their first jump!

What a way to start the trip! There were 2 orcas, 1 big Male with a huge dorsal fin, and a female. They were both adults. We will try to spend as much time as possible with them, the day is just starting.

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