Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2023-05-01

NGL 24.24.8N 110.24.7W

cloudy, wind SSW 5-8, swell S 1′, air temp 29, water temp 22, vis 5mts

Hello everybody

NGL sailing the bay of la Paz, heading towards Punta Coyote north for a position of false killer whales reported by the airplane.

This morning we woke up with lots of mobulas jumping in front of la Ventana, but no school formed or too deep to offer a good snorkel. We then found a pod of bottlenose dolphins, very calm and relaxed, but not playful or curious with our snorkelers. We headed north but did not find much until we got to a position reported by the airplane with a sperm whale. I could see the sperm whale blow from the NGL but then it went down for more than 30min and the guests on the RHIB did not see it.

It was a quiet morning with not much action in the water. we had a report of orcas in the Bay of la Paz by a friend of guest Christian Gomes da Silva, so we decided to head there. We will try to put orcas or false killer whales on the menu this afternoon.

Yesterday afternoon we lost track of the orcas at around 1500. The sea became choppy and the orcas were traveling a sustained 6-7 knots. All the pangas pulled out. We tried to keep going south to see if they would appear again. We encountered a baby humpback and mother on the way so the RHIB stopped to do whale watching. Then guests asked to head back north to see if the orcas had turned around. We got the news last night that they were seen in Cabo Pulmo by the end of the day, another 20nm south! They were on a fast run. After staying with the humpback family, we encountered a school of mobulas jumping, guests got in the water and got to see the mobulas, yet the visibility and light were not the best.

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