Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2023-05-04

NGL 24.22.157N 110.23.186W

clear sky, wind N8-10, swell N1-2, air temp 31C water temp 21C, visibility 4-5mts

Hello everybody,

NGL is sailing the Bay of la Paz, just outside the San Lorenzo channel.

This morning we woke up in front of La Ventana, with 2 humpbacks breaching just 100mts from the boat. There were also mobulas leaping close by, and bottlenose dolphins fishing. It was truly amazing the diversity of life around the boat in the sunrise light. No guests wished to board the RHIB, but they enjoyed the show from the boat.

Then we headed towards the north as the wind was picking up. We encountered another pod of dolphins along the way that played in the wake of the NGL. Around 10.00, guests boarded the Rhib to search along the coast for about 2 hrs. while the NGL was looking for animals 2 nm away from shore. We did not encounter much, except for a school of mobulas in El Saltillo that was deep.

Yesterday afternoon we ended with lots of action: 3 sperm whales were within sight of the boat, as well as 2 adult blue whales and a baby blue whale! We decided to go whale watching with the baby and mommy blue whale and we got very close to them. Guests Natascha and Steve, who were with us in Loreto in February, finally got their close encounter with the blue whales!

Then we headed for El Saltito where there was a huge school of mobulas, close to the surface with great visibility (10 meters). All the guests came back amazed by the encounter, and satisfied with the photos and videos they could take despite the cloudy sky. Guest Taylor said she had a special connection with the mobulas and cannot believe that they let her be a part of the school, surrounded 360 deg by the elegant rays. Guest Natasha did several jumps helped by DM Daniela, and said that after that encounter she can go back home happy. We will try again today as the sun is out and the light should be better for the photos.

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