Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2023-05-15

Today Gallant Lady is around south Cerralvo, Punta arenas. Beautiful day, light breeze from the north and seas less than 1′, clear sky. Air temp 28C. Water temp 22C.

After leaving the Orcas yesterday evening, we headed to Bahia de los Muertos and anchored there just past midnight. This morning we headed out at 0700 to find mobulas and within minutes everyone was in the water with a big school of semi-static mobulas. They spent 3 hours snorkeling with the schooling mobulas before coming back for breakfast.

Just as they came back onboard our Scout reported a blue whale about 7nm offshore from our position, so we headed out there next. We spent close to 2 hours following the blue whale, a big solitary whale heading ESE. We had a few very close views near the Gallant Lady as he came up to rest on the surface between dives. After a time, some pangas showed up and a couple of them were driving fast in front of the whale and dumping snorkelers in the water, causing the whale to dive and change direction and so we decided to depart the area.

This afternoon we’ll do a checkout dive, search a little more south Cerralvo area, and plan to set up the lights for a night dive/snorkel tonight if the mobulas show up. Then we will make an overnight run to San Francisco. 

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