Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2023-05-16

Today Gallant Lady is at Espiritu Santo Island. The wind is southerly 15-20 with 2-3′ chop in the Bay of la Paz. Sky is clear. Air temp in the wind is about 22C, down on deck 28C.

We started the day with a sea lion dive in San Francisco which everyone enjoyed. The sea lions were not super playful but they were around and everyone got some interaction. After the dive, we picked up the anchor and headed south for Espiritu Santo. Saw 3 whales en route but the wind and chop made it impossible to get close or do any proper whale watching. Now we are on the NE side of Espiritu Santo, and it’s nice and sheltered here, calm.

We found a pod of bottlenose dolphins on arrival which we were hoping to jump in the water with, but by the time we got into the RHIB we had lost them. Fortunately, a pair of fin whales spouted just as we went out to look for the dolphins, so now the Rhib is following them. The plan is to head south along the east side of the Espiritu Santo and then continue down along the coast of the Cerralvo channel looking for mobulas for the afternoon, and anything else that might pop up.

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