Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2023-06-04

Gallant Lady is at Punta Arenas. The wind is SE 5kts, 1′ seas, the sky is partly cloudy. Air temp 29C. Water temp 25C at the surface.

We had a comfortable overnight run from Cabo and arrived around Ensenada de los Muertos around 0630. We searched around the area and very few mobulas were jumping. Instead, we got everyone in the water with a pod of bottlenose, and then the plane led us out to a pod of Risso’s dolphins, which were fun and rare to see from the surface but they would not let the snorkelers get close.

So, after a few tries, we headed back to the coast and found a nice big school of mobulas – not jumping but near the surface, and everyone is in the water with them now. Waiting for the plane to come back out now and hopefully find a whale shark that they had seen earlier. Tonight we’ll anchor at la Ventana for Taco night and turn on some lights to see if any mobulas show up.

By Noon Reports

Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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