Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2023-06-12

NGL N24.4.540 W109.49.559 clear sky, wind NNW 10-12kn, swell NNW 2-3ft, water temp 25C, visibility 10mts

NGL is sailing up the Cerralvo channel. This morning we started the day with a great mobula time: guests spent above 1 hour with a static school of thousands of mobulas in the Bay of Los Muertos. They were delighted by the gracious ballet of these amazing rays.

After more than 1 hour, the batteries of the cameras (and stomachs) were empty so everybody headed back to the boat for breakfast. On the way, we approached a big pod of bottlenose dolphins who were fishing, and in 1 jump, 1 of the guests saw a marlin.

After breakfast, we headed back to Punta Perico for a check-out dive and a snorkel. The water was 25C, vis was about 10 meters, and a very good dive/snorkel at the site. All diving guests were ok with buoyancy and gear.

Yesterday afternoon the plane guided us to a juvenile whale shark, about 10ft long, close to the west coast of Cerralvo island. For several of the guests it was the first time seeing and swimming with a whale shark! They were extremely happy. The shark was very calm and did not mind the snorkelers who took turns gliding alongside the gentle giant.

After a good swim, we went closer to La Ventana and encountered a big school of mobulas. We jumped in but the school was swimming steadily and eventually went deep. We were then surrounded by jumping mobulas, but they seemed to form a school in the deep and we struggled to have another good jump with the school. We spent the night at anchor at Punta Arenas, with the best tacos from chef Julio, under the stars of the Baja California.

our lights attracted plankton, and no mobulas showed up but we had loads of jacks hunting, a turtle, needlefish, and flying fish.

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