Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2023-06-13

NGL 2413.583N 110.1.171W, clear blue sky, air temp 32C, water temp 24C, visibility 5-10mts, wind N5-6, swell NNE 2-3

This morning we went again south around Punta Perico and Bahia de los Suenos. We found a pod of bottlenose dolphins, but they were not very interested in interacting with humans. Then we were lucky to encounter a big school of mobula rays to snorkel with. They were sometimes a few meters deep but they were swimming slowly, allowing the guests to spend about 1 hour in the water with them.

The wind picked up as forecasted and we got everyone back onboard for breakfast at 10 am and headed north through choppy waters. At noon, we were able to get everyone back onboard the rhib. We were near a fishing device used in the channel: a buoy with a weighed line is set drifting and a palm tree leaf is attached to it. This attracts lots of juvenile fish that attract bigger fish that swim around it. Eventually, the fishermen come later and throw their lines in the water to catch the gathered fish.

The device we found had 6 Mahi-Mahi circling it and guests were able to jump in for a snorkel with these beautifully colored fish. We then encountered a pod of 200-300 long-beaked common dolphins that played with the rhib and another pod of 200 bottlenose dolphins that jumped like crazy in the wake of the NGL and the guests are snorkeling with them now.

Yesterday afternoon we finished the day with mobulas by el Saltito, the guests were able to snorkel until sunset.

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