Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2023-08-10

NGL is at anchor at la Reyna, north cerralvo

Clear sky, cumulonimbus in the distance above land masses, wind 8-9 from SE, swell 1-2 from SE, strong current from SW, NGL receiving the swell on the beam, air temp 37C, water temp 29C, visibility 20mts

Guests are coming back from dive number 2. This morning we did the first dive in la Reinita, current was mild, with good visibility and lots of life. Guest Sunny said there were more fish than water – octopuses, moray eels, amberjacks, schools of Sergent major, and nudibranchs. On this dive, the current is strong from SW, visibility is good and guests enjoyed the quantity and diversity of fish and a few sea lions at the safety stop. We will do dive 3 at la reyna then move towards Tecolote for our sunset beach farewell.

Yesterday we did 3 dives at las animas and a night dive. The wind was very strong all day, from the South and wrapping around the island, making the anchorage uncomfortable during dinner. It calmed down after 2000. The night dive was great, lots of fish, nudibranchs, moray eels, and bioluminescence. Guests really enjoyed it. No hammerheads have been sighted during the 3-day dives but there were great interactions with California sea lions and Guadalupe fur seals, massive lobsters, beautiful corals, and a diversity of fish.

no crew or guest issue.
ME, internet, aircon working fine. Aurelio would like permanent high and low pressure gauges installed on the chillers during refit, deficiency was entered. starboard generator still producing white smoke and loosing 2 liters of oil per 24hrs. we also noticed that we have to reduce the load that we put on it, otherwise it will produce black smoke or the frequency will fluctuate. we try to use the dryer when portside gen is on and able to take the load. As per aurelio and Jaime opinion, this will happen until the motor is opened is and fixed internally.

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