Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2023-08-14

NGL is at Las Animas, clear sky, a breeze from S, swell 1-2 from SE, air temp 35C, and water temp 30C at the surface. visibility 20mts+

Guests are having lunch and will go out for Dive 2 at las animas. This morning we left San Francisco early at 0600 and made our way towards las animas looking for big stuff, mostly dolphins, whales, orcas, or any surprises that would come our way.

About 6nm south of las animas, we encountered a big pod of bottlenose dolphins 100-200 individuals. They were very excited to see the boat, as bottlenose dolphins always are. They are junkies for a wake ride. They started riding the bow, jumping high in the air ahead of the NGL and getting the guests splashed on the bow. Also, a great display of acrobatic skills in our wake. After a while of wake riding, we prepared the rhib and sent the guests for a snorkel. they were very happy to be able to share some moments with the dolphins in the water.

Dive number 1 was great, at los morros del Este. There is a strong current from the south, which brought lots of tunas, a storm of big eye jacks, and loads of creole fish on the point. The guests
had an amazing dive. no hammerheads though. At the exit of the dive, we found about 10-15 bottlenose dolphins and we jumped again for a snorkel with them.

Yesterday afternoon we did a second dive on the sea lion colony. Sealions were wild in a good way. Like puppy dogs, they were very excited to see the divers and as soon as they jumped in the water, the sea lions were all over them, nibbling at their fins, whirling around them, grabbing the tanks and offerings sea stars to play with! It was very entertaining for the divers and of course the sealions.

After the dive, we sailed around for a couple of hours but we did not find much, just a marlin jumping. We then went to San Francisco Bay for sunset, with a stop on the beach and then a night dive. The night dive was great, with lots of bioluminescence, lobsters, shrimps, seaworms and sea cucumbers, moray eels hunting and swimming freely. Guests Loren and Rochelle decided to skip the night dive and spent 1 hour in the jacuzzi under a billion stars and the milky way as we are so far from artificial light in that anchorage.

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