Captain’s Noon Reports – Explorer – 2023-08-22

We are sailing along the coast on the north side of the country this morning. We did Playa Ostional with hopes to see the turtles on the beach but we could only see their fin prints on the sand and loads of turtle eggs.

We got the guests back onboard and I told them we were going to go and try to find a better place to dive because the ocean conditions at the place were not the best and the surge and visibility were not good at all. So off we went looking for a point called Punta Guiones but luck was not on our side so I talked to the guests again and told them we were going to keep on going until we find something good to go and check it out.

So, after like two hours of sailing we spotted a small family of humpback whales with a very little baby, they stayed in the same spot for a few hours. Some of the guests got pictures and videos. Whales even came to the Explorer and swam next to us. Guests loved it and so now we are back at sailing and trying to find stuff for the guests.

The tour this morning took them to the Ostional beach. When we started sailing, we ran along the coast in that area and the number of turtles we saw was incredible. Tons of turtles that probably made it back to the sea or they are on their way to the beach and they need to fertilize their eggs so we saw many many mating turtles.

Today the ocean is a bit rough we have this huge 10 ft SE swell, the wind is 10kts SE, air temperature is 86 same as the ocean. We had rain in the morning then some more rain in the afternoon. Guests are very happy with the whales.

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