Captain’s Noon Reports – Explorer – 2023-08-28

We are currently anchor in Drakes´s bay, we just got her after a good day of diving

We are anchor in 30Ft of water in very nice and flat ocean, today air temperature was 88 same as water, the dives today were amazing we did a place call BAJO DEL DIABLO, on top weather conditions were really nice light breeze and calm ocean, but in the water the history was different the current was really going running to the south that made some of the new divers uncomfortable but the price being paid was just right the reward was plenty and very pleasant at the end of the dive the false killer whales showed up then the humpback whales came too, most divers got to see them then on the way back to the boat the humpback whales kept surfacing for air and while we had a group of four whales on the opposite side of the island there were other dive boats with more whales today the whale action was incredible and guests loved it, when they were doing their safety stop and while surrounded by the false killer a bull shark came to check all the commotion out, visibility today exceeded 100Ft, nice blue water.

All day we had sun and clouds, at morning time around 0530 when I went to set a descending line in the dive site there were heavy clouds and some drizzle but afterwards and before first dive the sky cleared up and the sun appeared.
On the second dive in the same BAJO DEL DIABLO a school of hundreds of barracudas was just under the drop zone guests were amazed by the school, Allie caught a very interesting scene of mating turtles within the barracudas, also at the bottom divers enjoyed seeing few white tip reef sharks.

Sorry for the late report but getting up early and working and driving three times, lifting every dive tank and working on the second panga for the first time I found out the ladder gets stuck in the its base, no good at all, not even the tanks this week have done to me what the really awful ladder did to me today, I don’t understand how we make some like that and send out to be use by guests and crew without testing to then find out the equipment doesn´t work properly I am very disappointed that because of that I had to get the doctor to check on me, we need to work smart, work better we cant be hurting crew this way, crew need to go back home safe and healthy..

On top of that we had a guest issue she was short of breath and possible panic underwater DM Xavier brought her back, I sent the driver back to the boat I stayed in the dive site watching over the divers when I got back of the boat and with the doctors help we took care of Charlotte Rees-Roderick. She is doing fine.

Guests and crew doing good, Today Kenny did a Kenny thing again, I am trying with all my being deal the best way possible with him I understand he is good to have, good business for the company but is so hard to stay cool around him… FY

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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