Captain’s Noon Reports – Belle Amie – 2023-09-04

Belle Amie is at Las Animas today for the second day of this Baja Ultimate Whaleshark trip. Weather is beautiful, light wind from the SW, 1-2′ seas, mostly clear skies, air temp 32C.

Yesterday we started the trip around Isla San Francisco and had 3 good dives plus a night dive to kick off. All went well and we finished the day with happy guests. This morning we moved up to Las Animas and have completed two dives here so far, and it’s been incredible. A big school of hammerheads is here, 50-60 hammies I’m told, and all the divers have gotten to see the schooling sharks in the beautiful blue, 80ft plus viz, 29C water.

As if that’s not enough, we also have the resident colony of California sealions surrounding the rock and visiting the divers on pretty much every dive, and we can’t forget the abundant fish life at Las Animas including snapper, groupers, jacks, pompanos and sergeant majors. The spotter plane, Scout is up in the air and searching the area for other big critters that might be cruising by.

We’ll do two more dives here and overnight run to Loreto, where we’ll do 3 dives tomorrow before the 150NM run up to San Pedro Martir.

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