Captain’s Noon Reports – Belle Amie – 2023-09-12

Belle Amie at Isla Coronados, Loreto National Park, today. Started off this morning with a moderate ESE swell but calmed down nicely and most of the day it’s been a light Westerly breeze with 1-2′ seas, clear skies, and 35C air temp.

Did the first two dives up at the NE finger, two great dives. It has a beautiful wall where the finger sticks out into the current, covered in soft corals and schools of fish off the point. A colony of bigger sealions was there that love to buzz the divers out of nowhere.

For the third dive we moved down to the SE side, and that has been a favorite of everyone the last few trips. Very little current and blue water, Disneyland for fish is what one guests called it as it’s a pretty reef teeming with sergeant majors, snappers, pompanos, plus an Eagle Ray, a couple of turtles and lots of nudibranchs, including the Tamja nudibranch. Water temp 29-30C, viz 15m in the morning, 25m plus in the afternoon.

Now we are already on our way to San Pedro Martir, 147NM run, with an ETA of 0730 tomorrow morning.

We have 3 pangas reserved for the 14th in Bahia.

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