Captain’s Noon Reports – Belle Amie – 2023-09-14

Belle Amie at Bahia de Los Angeles today. A bit windy from the NW this morning but dropped out nicely now and we have around 5 kts from the west with less than 1′ seas, sunny and hot, 34C.

Yesterday was fantastic day of diving at San Pedro Martir followed by another award-winning Taco Night under the stars. We did one early dive this morning at Punta Don Juan just outside of Bahia de LA. It was a nice dive, viz around 9m, water temp 29-30C. 0900 we were inside the bay and the pangas were arriving.

First round out looking for whalesharks this morning was unfortunately a shut-out. No whalesharks were seen by any of the pangas! Well, one was spotted briefly at the end of the tour but they didn’t get in the water with it because it dove. They are departed now for round 2 and fingers crossed that they can find some whalesharks this afternoon. Quite a difference from a week ago today when each panga was reporting 20 plus whalesharks.

Guests and crew are all good, despite no whalesharks. So far they are still happy.

We expect to be departing around 1700 hrs this afternoon, giving them an extra hour to find the animals. Earliest flight on Saturday is 1300hrs.

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