Captain’s Noon Reports – Explorer – 2023-09-20

5.33.326N – 87.02.539W, moored at Chatham Bay, raining on and off today. From here we are diving these two places, Alcyone, and Submerged Rock, both nice sites, each one with different conditions.

Submerged rock was easy diving no current very light wave action. This place has an archway in 60 feet of water. We can have two divers swimming thru at the same time and still you have space around you. Only thing is the fish, they make a hole for you to fit in. There were so many snapper, grunts and creole fishat the bottom of the arch and sleeping white tip reef sharks. We also saw few small marble rays.

Some of the guests went around three times, on top and close to the highest part that only breaks the surface in very low tide, there were loads going on. Submerged Rock is like a big cleaning station for the small fish and a healing place for white tip reef sharks. You can see the wrasses going through the shark´s gills, and coming out of their mouth, beautiful place.

Alcyone was really nice today the conditions were good and the current was not there so descending was easy. On the plateau, few hammers came around to get cleaned and just like Submerged Rock, some small marble rays, the shoal of horse eyed jacks was there but up high, the mullet snapper only come in big schools here and Manuelita, they were around too, a wahoo zipped by.

As we were running low in deco time we went out in the blue and within a few minutes we were surrounded by a huge school of hammerhead sharks. They kept circling the divers. We spend the last 20 minutes playing around and admiring these amazing sharks. All group saw them and were happy.

Today there is no current visibility averages 80 Ft, water and air temperature is 84F.

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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