Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2023-10-08

NGL is at Isla Coronadis north coast.

Sky is covered 80% with cumulonimbus, but we did not have rain since this morning despite seeing showers falling a little more to the south. Air temp 28C, water temp 30C, visibility 15meters. Swell from south east 1-2′.

At 0630 while dropping anchor we had a strong gale with lots of rain, so we decided to wait for it to pass before making the 1st dive. By 0730, the gale was over and by 0800 our divers were in the water at Cabeza de Gorilla (Gorilla’s head) at the north of Coronados island. The conditions were very good, visibility 15meters, water temp 31C, no current and loads of fishes on a beautiful reef, some black coral garden in the deeper area and lots of critters on the rocks.

Second dive we went to the Lobera of Coronados, on the east side, as the wind was calming down. This sealion colony is mostly inhabited by adults, with a predominance of males. They were chilling at the surface, basking in the sun and as the divers jumped in they came for a curious look and close up swims by. 2 guests told me they saw two males fighting underwater and really enjoyed the show.

Now we picked up anchor and start our sailing 145nm towards San Pedro martyr. We will arrive there tomorrow morning for more sealions action.

Yesterday afternoon we did 1 dive at Abysmo, on west side of Isla Carmen. Guests really enjoyed it, they say the topography was amazing and the black coral garden is a forest! Last dive of the day was at Piedra Blanca, a shallow divesite with critters in the sand and on the pinnacles.

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