Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2023-10-14

NGL is anchored east of Coronado Island.

Clear blue sky, air temp is 30C, it is a hot day with a slight breeze coming from the north. Weather forecast announced 10-15kn norther wind for later this afternoon but so far seas are calm. Water temp 30C, with visibility 10meters.

First dive of the day we jumped on the sealion colony. The sealions there are very friendly, curious, and playful…but they are all grown up males! It is very funny to see full grown bulls acting like juveniles. Divers are impressed at first, but get very quickly acquainted with their new fury friends. At safety stop 1 of the groups saw an eagle ray passing by.

The second dive we did on PuntaTijeras, a shallow wall that drops to a sandy bottom at 60feet. Dive guides Imanol and Felipe found different species of nudibranchs, 2 different species of jawfish, hairy lobsters in their holes, and even an empty mermaid’s purse (shark egg) that we think belonged to a newborn horn shark. Dive was mellow with a beautiful topography. This afternoon 2 dives will be on norther coast if the weather maintains.

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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