Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2023-10-15

NGL is in west San Marcos

Clear blue sky, air temp 30C, water temp 27C, visibility 5-10meters. North wind 10-15knots has been blowing all night, making the overnight north sail pretty rough. We had a window of light northern wind from 0600 to 1000, then the wind picked up again and is blowing a steady 15kn with gusts of 20knt. Swell has built up to 3-4ft coming from the north. Anchorage is protected from most of the swell.

This morning we took advantage of the lower wind to do a dive on the northern lighthouse, also called King Angel point. That rock is covered with sealions, most of them juveniles 2-3 years old that love to play with the divers. As soon as the guests entered the water, a “gang” of 20 sealions joined them in the water and were playing around and with the divers for the whole dive. The site is also home to big schools of reef fish, sergeant major, creole fish, octopus, and moray eels.

On our way back from the dive, we could see several mobulasmunkiana jumping around the NGL. It is surprising to see them here at this time showing this schooling behavior. Well lucky for us and our guests: everyone got to jump in the water and enjoy the graceful ballet of the flying mobulas. What a treat before breakfast!

For the second dive we jumped by the western lighthouse, right by our anchorage. Despite the swell, the divesite offered a decent visibility of 5-10meters and loads of fish, gorgonians, soft and hard corals, stingrays and moray eels. This afternoon, due to the weather conditions, we will offer 1 more dive and snorkel in the shallow protected bay. Planning to leave after 2000 when the wind is forecast to lay down a bit. It will be a rough ride up to Bahia de Los Angeles.

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