Captain’s Noon Reports – Under Sea – 2023-11-01

NUS Anchored at 19°17.4N-110°48.3W in 50ft depth. San Benedicto Island. Partly cloudy sky, with a breeze blowing from the east and long period waves of 3ft from the same direction, air temperature 84°f.

The first two dives of the season in San Benedicto. First dive in the Anchorage and the divers had their first encounter with two manta rays, a black and chevron manta that kept circling near the divers, silvertips, and whitetips. On the second dive In the Canyon, at the cleaning station, we saw Galapagos sharks, Silvertips, and a tiger shark, and many reef fish. Visibility was 60ft and the water temperature 81° in both dives.

We have 6 divers who are working on their buoyancy and we are waiting for them to improve soon because it would be risky to dive Roca Partida. Training is being given one by one and to this special checkout, a tiger shark approached where these divers were doing their training. All are happy.

We planned two more dives after Lunch. All guests and crew were without problems. All the equipment is working properly.

As we are the first boat to arrive in San Benedicto, we do not find Fishing Boats in the surrounding area. No Fishing Nets.

By Noon Reports

Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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