Captain’s Noon Reports – Under Sea – 2023-11-18

NUS Anchored at 18°59.1N-112°04.5W in 240 ft of depth in Roca Partida, air temp 80°F, the sky is partly cloudy, and a Northerly wind of 15 knots, and long period waves from the Northwest of 6ft.

This morning two dives were made and the divers saw 5 different manta rays, 4 chevrons, and one black in addition to the traditional Whitetip Sharks that patrol the Rock, also large Yellowfin Tuna, and Dolphins on the first dive, a school of bonito, jacks.

Visibility of 80 ft and temperature of the 82°F water, no current on both dives. No other boats in Roca Partida today.

By Noon Reports

Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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