Whale Watching Trips: Guest Experiences 2023

whale watching, San Ignacio Lagoon

The upcoming whale-watching season in San Ignacio Lagoon is just around the corner, and we are incredibly excited to once again share unforgettable moments with all our guests. That’s why we compiled the whale watching trips reviews we received from our guests of the 2023 season

The experience in San Ignacio Lagoon is deeply emotional for the entire Nautilus and Baja Expeditions team, and there is nothing that excites us more than reliving this experience with all those who will be visiting us.

That’s why this time, we bring you the highlights of our 2023 Season, hoping that you’ll find some inspiration in the words of those who chose to embark on this journey with us, enjoyed the beauty of this region that is part of the Biosphere Reserve and is home to a vast number of incredible animal species. These include more than 50 different bird species, coyotes, and, of course, the amazing gray whales with their whale calves.

San Ignacio is such an amazing and unforgettable adventure. I loved sharing this experience with my son and having the opportunity to pet the whales and their babies.

I will never forget the first time that my son touched the whale. I am so grateful for the staff, always very warm and welcoming. Our guides Ranulfo and Pato are extremely knowledgeable and attentive.

We loved the food and our tent was warm and comfortable. This is an experience of a lifetime that will always carry on in my memory!

Marlene Aguilar

Besides the overall tourist experience, encompassing the service, facilities, staff, food, trips to the lagoons, and more, what I appreciate most about this camp is the connection with the pioneering families and locals.

The perspective of the guides and the captains from the local families is invaluable. Tony, Tito, and Ramiro shared their culture, their relationship with nature, and their knowledge of the sea, land, and the animals they share their lives with. Ranulfo is also a special character. His wisdom and personality effectively convey the culture and philosophy of the people in this region. These are fishermen who have become gods and protectors of all living species in this ecosystem. I would love to eat what they eat and sleep as they sleep. Even though the food and facilities are already impressive as they are, many thanks.

Raquel Miserachi- Mexico

We loved the trip!! 

The camp was great, the beds were comfortable, and I really enjoyed the presentations when the experts shared their knowledge and love for the whales and nature.

Tito was a great captain. Pato was a great guide, we really loved Ranulfo’s time showing us birds in the mangrove and taking pictures of our girl with the whales. I hope Ranulfo, Jesus, and the family continue working in the lagoon . They are a gift.

Thank you!

Ken Oehler

Our whale watching trips with Rousland, Juan, and my group of 8 was breathtaking, to say the least. The ride on the water to the whale-watching site was exciting and beautiful with a few sitting along the way. Once we got to the site we saw many come near the boat. We had 3 or 4 times that they came and let us touch them, and pet them, and was gorgeous. Rousland was informative throughout the experience and both he and Juan were very kind.
I look forward to 2 more fantastic days with the whales. 
Now at camp with the community and at the bar.
it was a nice way to end the day.

Nancy Sefton – USA

This has been a most incredible life changing experience. We will cherish these memories. We are thrilled and feel so fortunate that we found you.
Each & every staff member has been exceptional creating a comfortable gone in a rather uncomfortable magnificent setting.
Jesus, you are an incredible man with an abundance of knowledge, thank you it has been so great to share with you.
Adriana thank you for your carry & beautiful smile.
Ramiro we wish you an amazing future, you have been so kind & such a decorous host!!
We will never forget this life changing experience you helped make it amazing!!
Roberto, you were the best captain. Thank you for the great rides and for keeping us safe.

Charles and Deb Weisel – Tucson

Not only did we receive guest experiences from our 2023 whale watching trips, but our amazing team of guides, and masterdives, also shared their experiences and thoughts on these encounters, giving us a different perspective, considering the animal’s behaviors, water temperature, weather conditions and estimating time of our different encounters.


Today I went out with the luxury group to whale watch at 7:45 am, and to the airport, I came back to the campo and went out to whale watch at the Oceanic group at 9:30 am, for the double trip, we saw some whales in the way but at the half we got friendly whales, they stay with us for about 40 minutes, we took a break on the beach, we came back to whale watch for a second round we saw spy hops, lots of them and not friendly, return to camp at 1:15 pm for lunch, we went out at 2:30 pm was a little windy but we got friendly whales, mother, and calf the last 15 min, return to camp everyone was happy.  

Ranulfo Mayoral – Guide

Morning was a little slow, we went for the first whale watching at 9:30, it began with one encounter with an adult, this one didn’t let us pet it, but stayed near to the boat for at least 30min, then, talking with the captain we decided to go for another whale, it didn’t take so long until two whales approached to the boat, everyone petted them. After a little break on the beach, we gave a quick ride into the mangroves because the clients wanted to take a look. Back in the area of whale watching, we saw many whales spy hopping, but none a friendly whale. For the last whale watching trip this afternoon, it was a little choppy but nothing to be concerned about it, the whales were great passing around and beneath the boat. Back at the camp and happy hour, all the guests were really grateful for the day.

Arturo- Guide

7:45 a.m. Departure from camp to the observation area, it nice morning no wind, and a good ride lots of bottlenose dolphins during the ride, entered the observation area and found some single adults, later mother and baby whales, they showed interest in us, came under the boat for a short period of time and interact for about 20 minutes, ride back to the landing strip for group exchange.
One plane showed up 5 minutes after we got there, and the other one showed up an hour later with a small group of 7 people, picked up life jackets and boots, and went across the Lagoon to the camp
Had brunch and went whale watching, at 2:30, bottlenose dolphins in front of camp riding our bow, entered the observation area, found mother and baby right away, 
and mom showed interest the baby went on breaching for a while and mom turned around and came under the boat for a minute went on her way to find the baby, and then came back to the boat, for about 40 to 50 minutes of interaction, saw some more single adults until it was time to go to the beach a break
After the observation area once again, the southwestern breeze started picking up a little, went near the mouth of the Lagoon and found a few single adults not interested and just swimming, we found a mother and baby pair that came to the boat to play with us for a while until it was time to go back to camp, overall it was a great day of interaction.

Jesus Mayoral A.K.A. Rana – Guide

As the day approaches for Season 2024, our enthusiasm to share this experience with all our guests in San Ignacio grows. We’re looking forward to great gray whale encounters, tranquil nights by the fire pit, and the sunrises that herald the start of a new adventure!

If you are looking for close and amazing whale watching trips, we recommend you look up our upcoming dates to visit the friendliest gray whales, while you enjoy the surroundings and allow yourself to connect with nature, click here.

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