Captain’s Noon Reports – Belle Amie – 2024-01-26

Belle Amie is anchored between Fondeadero and Canyon today. Wind from the north 10 kts, 1-2′ swell in the anchorage, mostly clear sky with air temp around 27C.

Yesterday we had 2 more great afternoon dives at Cabo Pearce, with more sightings of the big school of hammerheads and several mantas around.

But today at Canyon has been just incredible, the best dives of the trip and probably the season. There is a huge pod of dolphins that has been on the dive site for the entirety of both dives, playful and interactive. There is a big school of hammerheads, 15-20 big Galagos sharks, silver-tips and silkies, schooling yellow-fin tuna, PLUS at least 3 different giant mantas cruising and hanging around the divers while they are watching all the dolphin and shark show.

None of these animals are just passing by one or two groups, they are all hanging right around the dive site, for the entire dive on both of our 2 morning dives. Guests are just blown away. Viz is around 20m, water temp 25-26C, current mild.

The Adventurewas anchored here this morning but moved up to the Boiler early this morning so we are here alone today. Departing tonight by 2300 for Cabo. Weather forecast for the transit north looks great.

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